Ghetto Living V


Well today i did furnished a lot.wooo yes I’m silly but as some of ya wanted some lot with some furnished ready to move in now there is this. lovely urban,two bedroom home.


Downtown 01 3rd Street


Hey you guy’s i know CityLounge has been on a up and down situation but i promise no more i try my best to set up the site and hopefully now it’s stay in tack.

Well today bring to you this lovely started home business nice space with two apartments on the upper level on the lower level is a flower shop with all the needed items to start up business.

Downtown Shipping Factory

Downtown Shipping factoryHello Everyone;)
Sorry for the delay of an update.well let’s get back to business and that was this factory is all about.this factory has been one of the most popular factory in Downtown it has all the nice workers and and they still looking for more nice people to hire.this is a nice size building it has two building divided into different areas for the workers.

Destiny Fashion Beautique

Are ya ready to shop?
Than what are ya waiting for Destiny’ has a 50%sale on last season buy one and get one free items also the stock is full with new items for this season i know you’re sims will love it.
First Floor– Has from display windows to registers some clearance racks and also some new items out for this season.

The Zone Nightclub

the-zone-nightclub7Hey you guy’s!

Today I’m bringing to you the hottest nightclub in Downtown City.The Zone’ is known for having the hottest stage for dancing while their service are fast and the dj with the wildest music that would make you move;)

[click image to get directed]

We Be Back Soon

hello my fellow simmers.. its been a while i don’t stop by and update i been going through a lot lately that i took a break from the sims2 and now with the new release of sims 3 im so happy its almost out so the blog will continue open but for now will be in pause of new updates for sims2 i will wait till sims3 comes out and start updating the blog..for those who has been truely stopping by thank you for all the love and support..